Welcome to my website!

Hi! My name is Yohanna but my family and friends call me JOY. Welcome to my website…JOY in décor Ocala. To get to know me a little bit better I’ll start introducing myself with a career overview. I spent many years in the corporate world as a marketing and sales specialist, with an MBA in healthcare administration, but felt that wasn’t where my heart was. So after years of encouragement from family and friends, I finally took the plunge to follow my passion and became a shop owner, blogger, interior decorator, & a creative soul. I’m a mother to three beautiful children and I’m married to an incredible man, the love of my life for thirteen years now.  All four together make my life as enjoyable as can be.

My passion is interior decorating and helping others to achieve their vision. I started this journey in 2015  when my husband and I moved to Ocala, Florida. What a blessing! Here we have found the quality of life we were dreaming for years, and now it’s a reality. Now I can truly say, I have the house and the life of my dreams. To me, that’s all about doing what you love while having a grateful heart and being true to myself.

I consider my style to be eclectic, comfortable feel. I love the transitional style with a touch of modern, boho or rustic style. Sometimes I can fall for some contemporary- modern pieces as well. I love neutral palettes the same way I love pops of color usually integrating both of them in my work. I’m a bargain hunter at heart but I definitely believe in splurging when it comes to important pieces that will be with you for years to come.

Join me as I adventure into room redos’ and amazing makeovers.  It is possible to own the house of your dreams! Just give me a call and I’d be happy to help.

“Because there’s no place like home”

With LOVE,


2 thoughts on “Welcome to my website!”

  1. I wish you tons of sucess in your new career. You have an amazing eye, good hand and a great heart! It is all it takes to create new things and make people feel they live in comfort, pleasure and love!


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