5 easy ways to revamp your house

Even if you’re not thinking about home décor 24/7 (that means you’re not crazy like me lol!) you might still be desiring a little update to your house. It’s a new year and a fresh feeling is always nice. Fortunately, small and inexpensive adjustments can improve the look and feel of your home instantly. Here are my 5 favorite tips to help you achieve the fresh look you’re looking for…and on a budget

  1. Declutter and organize

Less clutter will open up and brighten a room, giving it a more relaxed and peaceful feel. Sometimes a good clear out is all it takes to improve your living space. Simply throw away or donate anything you don’t need. After that, just…clean, clean and clean.



2. Lighting and curtains

The right type of light can improve the mood of your home. I’m not a big fan of thick, bulky curtains or drapes. Let the natural light in! However, if you need window treatments for privacy purposes just make sure they’re not too short for the space. Less than an inch above the floor or barely touching the floor is the right way to go. Also, make sure they’re hung properly, at the ceiling or as high as possible to make the room look taller.


photo courtesy: beckiowens.com

3. Add greenery

Even if you think you have a “black thumb”, bringing the outdoors in by including pot plants can lift up your décor. It’s pretty hard to grow plants in the dark, but you’ll increase your odds if you pick plants that don’t need much light or water. Ferns, Begonias, Peacock plant,  Mint, Snake plant and Moss Terrarium are just some options that you may want to consider. So, fear not! Sometimes plants are easier to take care of than you think.


photo courtesy: studiomcgee.com

4. Paint

Sure, painting is hard and takes time. Believe me I know, I did my entire house! (4,580sq.ft). A fresh coat of paint does wonders in refreshing a tired looking room. I really like neutrals: white, ivory, gray and  greyge  ( the combination of gray and beige).When it comes to accent walls or pops of color I like seafoam, teal, blue, blush or black.


photo: my Instagram noplacelike_home

5. Rearrange your artwork

Putting all your random artwork together can create an interesting yet fun way to revamp your space. In my opinion it’s the perfect way to make a personal statement. Just make sure they’re hung at eye level. They don’t have to be same color or same shape, however they should look cohesive. I always start with an anchor piece, not centered, I’ve found that working from left to right  or right to left is the best way to go.


photo courtesy: styledbyemilyhenderson.co.

Thank you for stopping by. If you have any questions about organization, color, tips or ideas for your home let me know! It will give me all the motivation in the world  to keep writing even though it takes me hours because I’m doing it in my second language. LOL! To see more upcoming posts and projects don’t forget to follow me clicking the “follow button” down below.



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