My dining room project

OB-my dining room


I haven’t post in a while because my work agenda has been crazy busy! however, I’m always posting on my Facebook page Joy in decor updates and projects. Now that I can take a rest and finally type a few words, let me tell you something: I’m thrilled to finally share my dining room plans with you today!
First, let’s back up for a moment. It all began a few months ago when we made a big decision which started a domino effect in our home. Our kitchen remodeling. I’ll post about that soon too. After the kitchen, the kitchen nook, the pool tiles, and patio fence, the color of the house, my husband’s man cave …You know how one update can lead to another? It’s crazy, please don’t do it or you will find yourself with some extra gray hairs on your head just like I did, lol!

This dining project will be fun! Our dining room project is a half room makeover. We are going to keep some existing pieces and get new ones. Ten years ago, we invested in a very good quality dining table and still looks good but it’s time to let it go. That is why I always encourage my clients to really splurge in good quality pieces when it comes to dining tables if you get a timeless style, it is going to be with you for many many years to come.  Our home is very open, you can see the dining room from several other spaces, including the main entry, so one thing led to another and here we are!

Now let’s chat about my selections.  I first selected the table, trestle legs tables are so beautiful, they go with so many styles and I love how versatile is. At first, I thought about this one from Restoration Hardware, all of you know that their inventory is to die for, however, I could get a better deal on this one at Hudson Furniture. It was love at first sight, this table was exactly what I wanted. Secondly,  the chairs, I’m keeping my ghost chairs because I love them, they’re so versatile and look amazing too. They also bring the twisted eclectic look that I’m always aiming for. You will never see me in a million years getting a set of anything. I’m all about mixing styles and I definitely love unexpected pieces at every space in my home.  For the end chair, I wanted something more elegant yet timeless and affordable that is why I chose this one. The rug, oh I love that rug! it is faux, so no animal was hurt. I love this cowhide rug from Zgallerie, it’s so fun and chic, the metallic details are the frosting on the cake. Finally, last but not least, the mirror. Can I scream now? I love this mirror so much, it has been pinned on my Pinterest board for such a long time now.   This mirror is from Ballard Designs, it is an excellent alternative if you love Gleaming Primerose from Anthropolgy , it’s so similar that you can barely tell the difference. Its antique vibe is so classic and elegant, I can’t wait to see it in person!

Almost everything I ordered should be here in a week or 2, I can hardly wait! I hope you liked that I linked all my sources so you can recreate my look if you want to. I’d love to hear your thoughts! See you soon for the reveal. Be sure you don’t miss it.

With LOVE,


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