Gallery walls

Gallery walls quick tips:

I love gallery walls, I think they’re so interesting and fun to work with. However, the main reason that I hear about people saying NO to a gallery wall is that it can be intimidating to get started and I don’t blame you. Achieving a Pinterest look with the right balance of color, interest, and scale is a lot trickier in real life. So hopefully these quick tips assist you.

1. Size. All depends on the size wall or the size gallery you want. The larger the wall, the larger you want your design. A small gallery wall on a big wall is a big no-no.

2. Choose a color scheme- Whether it’s a black and white scheme, neutrals or bold just make sure that blends well with the rest of your home. As you know, I love to work with colors. I usually use one or two colors as my primary colors. Those colors repeat throughout most of the pieces. Sometimes I layer complementary colors or neutrals. The eye sees the main colors you chose but likes a little variety, too. Make sure you have enough decorating items around with the same colors. That will bring a sense of cohesiveness.and harmony.

3. Choosing a Layout- There are countless photo wall layouts that you can use to build your gallery. From minimalist to maximalist, Pinterest offers tons of inspiration. A nice tip that I learned from Pinterest is to cut out the shapes of your frames and use masking tape to create a mock layout on your wall.

4. Start with an anchor piece. I personally love symmetry and most of my gallery walls are symmetrical but it’s a matter of personal preference. If you like asymmetrical gallery walls just be careful with the sizing. Lots of small pieces will get cluttery. Get a big piece to start with and work outward with pieces that can be all different shapes and sizes.

5. Balance-preventing all the large pieces on one side and the small pieces on the other side, it’s easy, just mix them up. Do this by laying them down on the floor before creating your mock layouts or hanging them on the wall. Visualizing is key.

6. Don’t overthink. My main suggestion is to keep it clean. What do I mean by that? The main problem I often see is people using too many

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photo credit: Pinterest

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