Keeping you posted! 

Hey friends! Many good things happening right now!! And of course I want to share them with you. What a joy to be able to tell you that Joy in decor Ocala is going through it’s first transformation! When you study business, you learn that every time your business grows, you must continue to do what you’re already doing and try to implement some other new and better things. 

My business is growing faster than I ever dreamed and you, my lovely followers, deserve to know what’s happening from me first. New logo, New photography services, New contracts…in just 2.5 months! To me, that’s amazing. I’m very grateful for all the people who are helping me in this journey. My beloved husband, my eldest daughter, and last but not least my friends,  who are recommending my services and making JOY in decor Ocala a real option for younger families here in Marion County, Florida.

This morning was my first business photo shoot. What an experience! Thanks to my dear photographer Meagan Gumpert from Meagan Gumpert Studio for making me feel comfortable even when I’m not a picture perfect person anymore! Lol. I also want to give special thanks to my graphic designer Elle Tamaszewski whose working on my new logo and website. Next week I’ll show it to you. It’s going to be fabulous! 

Here I’m sharing some of the pictures that were taken today. Also I’m featuring my new beautiful tuffed linen sofa , my charcoal gray tuffed linen coffee table and my new Modern brass/gold chandelier . I’ll link them in my next Facebook post JOY in decor Ocala and my Instagram account so you can shop my style.

Big hugs!


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